Our philosophy

An activist collective committed to local healthcare

We believe in the strength of partnerships between public organizations and companies to serve both the general interest in public healthcare and the development of local healthcare.

Bringing local healthcare to life

Aware that we are engaged in a public service activity for the benefit of everyone’s health, we are mobilized to make healthcare a reality everywhere and to contribute to investing in all areas of care: from the hospital to the patient’s home, including the local nursing home and emergency room.

This responsibility to society obliges us to do better every day, for patients, healthcare professionals and the regions, for the common good.

The strength of a commitment to healthcare for all

Our 2,700 employees in France, Germany and the Netherlands are mobilized every day in the field to meet the expectations of patients and healthcare professionals, with the certainty of acting in the service of better healthcare for all. Driven by an entrepreneurial culture that puts efficiency at the heart of our activities without ever taking away from the importance we place on human relationships, our ambition is to make our collective performance the lever of our positive impact on society.