Our engagements

Experts committed to serving public health, in close proximity to patients

We are at the service of the healthcare chain

We are a collective determined to contribute to the health of populations in proximity. Our commitment is and always will be based on the desire to act in the public interest, with the conviction that the territory is the privileged place for health. Fully integrated into the healthcare chain, we want to offer new solutions for the benefit of patients’ well-being, at the crossroads of hospital and community medicine, and in partnership with the entire medical and paramedical ecosystem.

We are not afraid to be activists

Santé Cie is a company firmly committed to putting its expertise at the service of a renewed approach to healthcare and public health. Convinced of the need to move towards a model of population-based responsibility built and implemented on the basis of the issues and needs of the local communities, we want to help move the yardsticks and bring the health debate to life, for the benefit of constantly improving care for patients.

We place ethics at the heart of our approach

In all of its areas of expertise, the Group strives to be exemplary and to act on the basis of the highest possible quality standards. Committed to serving health, we must act with integrity towards patients, healthcare professionals, regulatory authorities, our employees, partners and shareholders to ensure the trust of all our stakeholders.

We have therefore chosen to place ethics and compliance at the heart of all our activities by adopting an ethics charter that formalizes all the principles that must guide the conduct of our employees, regardless of their job or level of responsibility.

You can contact the Ethics & Compliance referents of Santé Cie Group by clicking here.

CSR approach

Our ethics committee supports us in the implementation, monitoring and governance of our CSR approach, with a constant focus on sustainable development, leading us to make responsible, fair and positive choices and actions for people and society.

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