Who we are

We are an international Group, operating in France, Germany and the Netherlands

Santé Cie is a company committed to public health, with a mission to bring local health care to life in all areas. Currently present in France, Germany and the Netherlands, the Group aims to expand throughout Europe in order to use its expertise to constantly improve the complementarity between primary care, ambulatory medicine and hospital medicine.

We are an international group

Santé Cie is an international company, present today in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Committed to serving public health in all regions, our mission is to provide local health care that combines technical excellence and human contact as close as possible to the needs of patients in France and in Europe.

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A business built upon field experience

Local healthcare as a guideline


Santé Cie creation

Created in 2015, Santé Cie was formed from the coming together of complementary expertises in local health care, which have been developed in direct contact with the field for over thirty-five years. The Group brings together entities that are well established and rooted in the regions, all of which have strong skills in home healthcare in close collaboration with prescribers, healthcare institutions, the medical research community and all the players in the healthcare sector, covering a wide range of pathologies and medical needs.

Our expertises embody the ambulatory medicine of everyday life. We work on a wide range of pathologies, with the aim of covering every care setting between the hospital and the doctor’s office. All the skills and innovations we develop are designed to serve local health care that combines the best of human and technical excellence in the interest of patients and regions.