Discover the first barometer of local healthcare services of Santé Cie x CSA

The first Institut CSA barometer for Santé Cie reveals a gap in local healthcare services on offer. 8 out of 10 French people clamour for better local healthcare

13 October 2021

French pollster Institut CSA reveals the results of its first proximity healthcare barometer for Santé Cie, a major healthcare services provider. The barometer asked the French general public and healthcare professionals about what they expect. After nearly two years of pandemic, the results of this in-depth poll highlight a need to step up walk-in out-patient services. Specifically, the results reveal that 80% of French people think there is a gap in available local healthcare services.

Post covid, local healthcare has become an even bigger public health issue

The vast majority of French people think hospital A&E departments are overcrowded (93%), waiting times to book doctors’ appointments are longer (88%), and there are not enough local GPs for them or their parents (62%). Against this backdrop, 80% of French people bemoan the  lack of alternatives to hospital or GP surgery appointments.


Local healthcare services would be a viable solution for most polled French people and doctors. More than 6 out of 10 people consider doing healthcare tasks at home for themselves or loved ones (higher since covid), while half of healthcare professionals (52%) think patients during the pandemic found new local healthcare solutions other than their local GP surgery or hospital.



However, 85% of French people say they are not aware of any available alternatives

Most people just have no idea about key local healthcare services on offer: over half of French people are unaware that home healthcare providers (PSAD) exist. And yet they call for home care rather than hospital care in order to free up hospital beds (96%), give patients better comfort and wellbeing (94%) and generally more personal care (90%).


Health and Emergency Medical Centers (Maisons de Santé et d’Urgences) – a way to plug the gap of too-few GP surgeries and to free up hospital A&E departments

A key point from the barometer was that nearly 80% of French healthcare professionals say no ways have yet been found to ease overcrowded A&E departments. Meanwhile, half of French people believe Health and Emergency Medical Centers would be a pertinent solution.

93% of French people would turn to these and 87% of healthcare professionals believe they would play a key role in local healthcare services.



A plan to launch these walk-in centres and make them known across France is in the pipeline, to offer French people a quick, efficient and enduring solution while meeting healthcare needs close to home. The first six Urgencemed centers were unveiled in 2021 and Santé Cie plans to open around 50 nationwide by 2024. Health and Emergency Medical Centers will provide all types of walk-in medical consultations from 9am to 10pm, 7 days a week (including weekends and public holidays) to support hospitals and local GP surgeries in dealing with everyday emergencies.


"It is essential to provide a very concrete solution, locally, to the issues raised by both the French people and front-line medical professionals regarding public health, such as overcrowded hospitals and lack of medical facilities in rural areas. We want to help increase out-patient care and foster better healthcare for all patients by providing local services with our Urgencemed Health and Emergency Medical Centers." Larbi Hamidi, Santé Cie CEO

Santé Cie chief medical strategy officer Dr. Jean-Pierre Giordanella said:

« The barometer results obviously show that a complementary healthcare offering is the missing link between medical care in towns and hospitals. This need is highlighted by both the public and the GPs. The type of Health and Emergency Medical Centers we are designing testify that we want to fulfil these needs  by guaranteeing rapid, quality, personalised walk-in local healthcare services.»


Polling Method
The first local healthcare barometer carried out by CSA for SantéCie interviewed a representative sample of the French population from 28 June to 5 July 2021: 1,206 people over 25 years old, made up of 538 patients or carers, as well as a panel of 120 healthcare professionals including 26 GPs and 94 specialist doctors - pulmonologists, cardiologists, diabetalogists, endocrinologists, neurologists, ENT specialists, oncologists, senior nurses, health managers and senior health executives.

About Santé Cie :

Created in 2015, Santé Cie is a company serving public health specialising in proximity healthcare professions.

Its main fields of intervention are home health and daily care thanks to a network of 91 agencies and 6 Health and Emergency Medical Centers throughout France, a significant presence in Germany and ambitions in Europe.

With a mission to serve public health for more than 200,000 patients each year, Santé Cie’s vocation is to be a strong link in the healthcare chain, at the crossroads of the missions carried out by hospital medicine and community-based medicine.

Aware of Santé Cie’s social responsibility, the Group’s 2,300 employees are committed to providing a proximity healthcare service that combines technical excellence and humanity to meet the needs of patients in France and Europe.

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