Solution Santé joins SanteCie

Santé Cie acquires the Montpellier-based company "Solution Santé" and further develops its local healthcare services.

18 October 2021

After launching its network of Emergency Medical Centers (UrgenceMed) this spring 2021, and obtaining its authorization for home dialysis earlier this year, Santé Cie is pursuing its development in local healthcare services in the Montpellier region with the acquisition of Solution Santé. The company, founded by Dominique and Eva Parpillon-Fiollet in 2015, now has 14 experts who provide post-operative home infusion services to 4,500 patients a year, with a revenue target of three million euros in 2021.

Highly acknowledged by the region’s healthcare institutions, Solution Santé’s expertise in the field of post-operative analgesia, wound and scar treatment, as well as infusion and nutrition, is a natural complement to the portfolio of activities of ASDIA, a subsidiary of the Santé Cie group specializing in home healthcare services.

« This acquisition confirms our Group's ambition to become a key player in ambulatory care, offering patient care services both at home and in our emergency medical centers (EMC). I am convinced that this global local offer will help relieve overburdened hospitals and alleviate medical deserts. » Larbi Hamidi, President of Santé Cie

Already serving 200,000 patients each year, the Group intends to further its consolidation strategy and develop its local healthcare offerings in the service of public health in France and Europe. Between now and 2024, Santé Cie plans to expand its network of Emergency Medical Centers to around 50 sites throughout France.

A propos de Santé Cie :

Created in 2015, Santé Cie is a company serving public health specialising in proximity healthcare professions.

Its main fields of intervention are home health and daily care thanks to a network of 94 agencies and 6 Maisons de Santé et d’Urgences throughout France, a significant presence in Germany and ambitions in Europe.

With a mission to serve public health for more than 200,000 patients each year, Santé Cie’s vocation is to be a strong link in the healthcare chain, at the crossroads of the missions carried out by hospital medicine and community-based medicine.

Aware of Santé Cie’s social responsibility, the Group’s 2,300 employees are committed to providing a proximity healthcare service that combines technical excellence and humanity to meet the needs of patients in France and Europe.

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