New international acquisition with Total Care Groep

Santé Cie steps up its international expansion with a new strategic acquisition in the Netherlands

08 September 2023

With nearly 500,000 patients treated every year, Santé Cie has become a major force in local healthcare delivery across France and Germany.

Following on from its acquisition of Bisinger Copia Med at the beginning of the year to strengthen the position of Aposan in the German market, the Group is now reasserting its European ambitions by acquiring a majority stake in Dutch provider Total Care Groep.

Since 2021, Santé Cie has successfully consolidated its status as a key player in local healthcare provision across France by complementing its traditional expertise in home healthcare delivery and home dialysis with a parallel service offering unscheduled care to help hospitals relieve emergency department overcrowding. Encouraged by these outcomes, the Group is now looking to step up the pace of its international expansion.

It is against this background that Santé Cie is excited to announce its acquisition of a majority stake in Total Care Groep, the only independent provider of home respiratory assistance in the Netherlands. Created in 2004 by Rob de Groot, who remains a shareholder alongside Santé Cie, Total Care is a home healthcare provider recognised for its expertise in the provision of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat sleep apnoea and home oxygen therapy. With a strong presence in the Netherlands, Total Care supports 25,000 patients annually and works on a daily basis with around 20% of the country’s care facilities treating sleep-related pathologies. Total Care Groep has delivered sustained annual growth of 12.5% year over recent years.

Following the Santé Cie acquisition of Aposan in September 2020, effectively kicking off its international development strategy, and the subsequent acquisition of Bisinger Copia Med to further strengthen Aposan’s position in the German markets for infusion and nutrition services at the beginning of 2023, the Group has now confirmed the accelerating pace of its European development strategy for public health and ambulatory care services.

Santé Cie plans to build on its current operational presence in France, Germany and the Netherlands to expand its international reach into neighbouring countries over the coming months.

“After France and Germany, I'm super-proud to see our Group continue on its development path and establish a presence in the Netherlands. Total Care is a widely recognised provider of respiratory care and will be able to draw on the expertise of Asdia, Elivie and Aposan to expand its portfolio of services, with particular emphasis on infusion, nutrition and insulin therapy. Rob de Groot is an entrepreneur whose skills and expertise in home healthcare delivery are beyond question, and I’m delighted to have this opportunity of working together to build a European leader in ambulatory care pathways”. Larbi Hamidi, CEO of Santé Cie
“Joining Santé Cie is another decisive step forward in the development of Total Care Groep. The ability to draw on the full spectrum of Santé Cie local healthcare delivery expertise will strengthen our position in the Dutch market to serve a growing number of homecare patients, at the same time as helping to establish Santé Cie as the benchmark provider of ambulatory care pathways in Europe”. Rob de Groot, CEO of Total Care Groep

About Santé Cie:

Created in 2015, Santé Cie is a company serving public health specializing in proximity healthcare professions.

Its main fields of operation are home healthcare, dialysis treatment and unscheduled care centers throughout France. The Group also has a significant presence in Germany and the Netherlands.

Serving the public health needs of almost 500,000 patients every year, Santé Cie is a strong link in the healthcare chain, at the crossroads between hospital medicine and community-based medicine.

Aware of Santé Cie’s social responsibility, the Group’s 2,700 employees are committed to providing a local healthcare service that combines technical excellence and humanity to meet patients’ needs as closely as possible, in France and across Europe.

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