Santé Cie is launching a network of Proximity Health Centers (PHCs) throughout France

Faced with medical desertification and overcrowding in hospital emergency rooms, Santé Cie, a proximity healthcare player, is launching a network of Proximity Health Centers (PHCs) throughout France

09 June 2021

Santé Cie Group, a leading player in proximity healthcare in France, which assists more than 200,000 patients every day in France and Germany, particularly through its expert home healthcare subsidiaries (Elivie, Asdia and Aposan), is launching today a network of Proximity Health Centers through its subsidiary Urgencemed.

The Group’s ambition is to deploy this network of PHCs throughout the country, particularly in areas where local health needs are the greatest. These multi-purpose structures will complete and strengthen the territorial network of the care chain between community-based medicine and the hospital.

The first six Urgencemed Proximity Health Centers launched by Santé Cie are located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur region. Other sites are scheduled to open during the year in the Paris region, notably in Créteil (Val-de-Marne).

The Urgencemed centers will be able to replace hospitals in the management of non-vital emergencies and will handle all types of unscheduled medical consultations, without appointment, every day from 9am to 10pm, including weekends and public holidays. The continuous presence of experienced doctors and nurses will enable these centers respond rapidly to all consultations relating to general medicine or minor traumatology (sutures, plaster casts, etc.), to carry out nursing care or biological tests on site, and if necessary, to request specialist medical advice. The agility, fluidity, safety and speed of care will enable these PHCs to support hospitals and general medical practices.

 The launch of these PHCs is at the heart of Santé Cie’s vision: to invest in proximity healthcare in order to meet the public health challenges in the regions, such as medical desertification or the overcrowding of hospital emergency rooms. The Urgencemed centres are set up with the support of neighbouring public hospital partners, and their location within the territories is designed to complement the existing network, in order to respond as closely as possible to the needs and issues identified by local health professionals.

In addition to the development of these PHCs, Santé Cie is already planning to develop other community-based health solutions in consultation with professionals in the sector, such as in-home dialysis.

" Through this network of proximity health centers, we are providing a very concrete solution to the needs expressed by patients and health professionals in the field over the years. With Urgencemed, we are responding to priority public health issues: in the immediate term by mobilising these Proximity Health Centers for the vaccination campaign, but also in the medium term by contributing to the fight against medical desertification and the overcrowding of hospital emergency services." Larbi Hamidi, President of Santé Cie

For Dr. David Bounan, emergency doctor at Samu 13 and co-founding director of Urgencemed:

In our Proximity Health Centers, we are able to treat all the non-vital emergencies of daily life in addition to the work of hospital emergencies. If you need an X-ray, an ultrasound or a scanner, you can have it within the hour. Basically, we guarantee a truly comprehensive outpatient service that patients have been waiting for a long time.”

Santé Cie, a key role for patients during the COVID-19 crisis

The pivotal role played by the Santé Cie Group between general medicine and the hospital was confirmed and revealed during the health crisis, through the continued treatment at home of 10,800 patients suffering from COVID-19, the support of residents requiring oxygen therapy in 670 institutions for the elderly, and the provision free of charge of nearly 1,500 medical devices for COVID-19 units in hospitals.

About Santé Cie

Created in 2015, Santé Cie is a company serving public health specialising in proximity healthcare professions.
Its main fields of intervention are home health and daily care thanks to a network of 91 agencies and 6 Proximity Health Centers throughout France, a significant presence in Germany and ambitions in Europe.
With a mission to serve public health for more than 200,000 patients each year, Santé Cie’s vocation is to be a strong link in the healthcare chain, at the crossroads of the missions carried out by hospital medicine and community-based medicine.
Aware of Santé Cie’s social responsibility, the Group’s 2,300 employees are committed to providing a proximity healthcare service that combines technical excellence and humanity to meet the needs of patients in France and Europe.

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